How Do You Pass Levels on Farmville Quickly? This Farmville Guide Will Explain

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Published: 19th November 2010
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If you want to make a lot of cash on Farmville, your best bet is to level up as fast as you can. Sounds simple, but it can be harder than you think. Besides, how many times have you wondered how to move on to the next Farmville level more quickly - I use to wonder that myself, but I've now figured out how to move on up and I'm ready to share that information with you through a good farmville guide .

Cultivate the Crops that Yield the Most Money

For those of you who can afford to spend a lot of time on Farmville, you want to pick crops that will provide you with the most amount of money in the least amount of time. But, if you do not have a lot of time, you will want to pick crops that require more time to grow so you won't be checking on your farm many times throughout the day.

Demand 20 Neighbors

20 truly is the optimum number of neighbors for any area. When you have this many neighbors, you are able to get some extra points by helping them with their farms. When you help them, they will in all probability send some gifts your way too. Places that carry more than 20 neighbors can be time consuming - you'll spend all your time visiting but you won't see any real improvements in your points.

Grow Your Farm as Quickly as You Can

Whenever your stash of coins will let you, augment the size of your farm. As a result of having more space, you can plant more crops. All of this leads to substantial XP's and a fantastic advancement. Don't waste your money buying lots of buildings. Keep the majority of your farm available for growing crops.

Seek Gifts From Your Neighbors

Allocating your own funds to purchase trees and animals is not an economical strategy. Instead, ask your friends and neighbors to provide them as gifts. Akin to real life, generosity begets generosity, so if you desire your neighbors to send gifts, be sure you do the same - and take advantage of any opportunity to help them out.

These Farmville suggestions and hints listed in this article are not from a player who knows everything about the game of Farmville or who has reached every single level there is. I just hope that you can learn from these Farmville tips and secrets and get better at the game. However, for those of you who will only take advice from a master of Farmville, or you should have a reliable expert Farmville guide that can show you how to succeed in the game, I know of the perfect product and expert for you.

Tony Sanders has written a guide called 'Farmville Secrets' which is fantastic. Tony is a superb Farmville player, and is one of the best ones you will ever find. Th handbook he created will give you a ton of suggestions that do not require cheating. This means you do not have to be anxious about getting banished from the game!

Farmville Secrets is a superb handbook that will let you in on how to get extra experience points, how to level up faster, how to get more friends without getting on your knees and begging, and how to gain an advantage over you friends. Tony Sanders' Farmville Secrets is a tip for any connoisseur of Farmville.

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